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About Us

Our company, which was put into operation in 1976 by Ibrahim KAYMAKÇI in Iskitler 500 square meters area, continued to produce casting and machining in 2.000 square meters area in Ankara Sincan Founders Estate.

In 2011 our factory has moved to the new modern establishment in Ankara BAŞKENT ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE. The closed area of this establishment is 4,600 square meters and the open area is 14,400 square meters. It continues its production with full and semi-automatic molding machines.

In 2015, our machining activity was transferred to KYK YÜCE MAKİNA, the group company that we established in Başkent Organized Industrial Zone. KYK Yüce Makina, operating on a closed area of 2,100 square meters and with a total area of 3,600 square meters, has an annual processing capacity of 4,000 tons.

In 2016, our Paint Plant and Part Cleaning Facility was moved to separate buildings in Başkent Organized Industrial Zone, thus under 3 different roofs the closed area of Kaymakçılar Machine and Casting reached 6,000 square meters, the outdoor area reached 14,000 square meters and the annual casting capacity reached 14,000 tons. The main production subject of our factory, which also carries out R & D activities with Tübitak, is for Reductor, Tractor, Pump-Valve Industry, Compressor and General Machinery Industry.

Our Mission

Is to create a sustainable dynamism that is environmentally conscious and socially responsible, while carrying our experience and know-how in the foundry sector over to future generations, maintaining a continuous development in our technologies, creating values for business partners and the economy of the country with our competitive nature.

Our Vision

Is to become industry leading company, a global supplier, in nodular cast iron and gray cast iron production, one that is making an efficient use of our capacities, not compromising on quality, and placing emphasis on our development operations.


Corporate Culture and Our Values

Corporate Responsıbılıty

We are responsible to each other, to the society and the environment. We inform our customers and suppliers on this subject and we abide by the legal regulations.

To Be “Us”

People make the difference. As a talented and visionary group that loves its job, we make a difference in the work we do. We believe that we will grow by sharing and we can be more efficient and productive by acknowledging that the true owners of our corporations are everybody who work for them. We respect each other’s expertise and we trust each other. We work with an understanding that “we are a family” and both the successes we achieve as a group and as individuals belong to all of us. We consider our suppliers and our customers for whom we provide goods and services with an understanding of “us”, as members of our family…

Respect and Commitment

We do our job in the best possible way with a devoted dedication. We build all our relations within the framework of love and respect, this way we build long term partnerships based on trust. We are consistent, we keep our promises no matter what.

Sustainable Growth

We develop strategies that can adapt to change. While continuing to maket he most of our existing work, we constantly monitor the industries and continue to grow through new markets and goods.


When we take the needs of our customers’ and industries’ needs into consideration; we constantly conduct studies to improve our existing goods and services. We can offer new and smart possibilities to our customers thanks to training and constant improvement.


Innovation process includes the following steps:

Recognizing innovation,
Innovate solutions,

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KYK Yüce Machine

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Tel: +90 312 267 0492
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Fax: +90 312 267 0387

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